The Photographer

I'm a public school teacher in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada. I have a BA in music and an MS in educational technology. My only formal training in photography was as a photographer and camera tech in the U.S. Air Force. My Air Force photography involved things like high-speed movies of bombs dropping. Waiting for the bombs did give me a lot of time to contemplate my new desert home. During the first half of my teaching career I taught band, (my primary field) elementary school music, middle school social studies, and math. I'm still very active as a musician as a church organist, community concert band member and and as the Solo Tenor Hornist in Nevada's

only British style Brass Band. ( In more recent years I taught computer literacy, programming and the high school yearbook class. I'm now the computer specialist for the same school at which I've taught for 27 years. As I look toward retirement two of my hobbies have begun to shape themselves into possible new careers—Exploring the back roads of the Southwest in my Jeep as tour guide (which gets me to many of the pictures locations) and, of course, taking the pictures themselves.