The Photography

These pictures are the culmination of a life long hobby. Only very recently have I become convinced that any of my work might be worth sharing. Of thousands of pictures I took prior to the late 1990s maybe a dozen are worth a second glance. Some of the rest are "great snapshots" but if you take that as compliment then you are probably not a photographer.

My serious interest into photography came from two sources. First my switch to digital photography which allowed countless attempts without sending this teacher to the poorhouse.(not a great jump, mind you, even without expensive hobbies) The second was an idea I had for trying to get the students in my school to see their surroundings in a new perspective. Being an Ohio boy it took me years to appreciate desert flora. But I have grown to love the desert and especially the explosive beauty that can appear during any given spring.

I decided to fill the wallpaper and screensavers of the schools computers with pictures of Mojave springtime. The camera wasn't great and unlike the spring of 2005 the blossoms were tough to find. The job of "selling" the students on the surroundings in which they had lived all their lives encouraged me to put extra effort into creating each photo. I began making the rules of composition my own and developing ones that may be out there somewhere but I wasn't ever lucky enough to read. As my pictures got better I started collecting favorable comments but it was several years before I convinced myself that the best of my shots were more than luck. Practice, patience and perseverance are of course basic to improving at anything but I think one thing that enables me to take an interesting picture of the desert is because, even though it was slow to develop my love of the Mojave and its mountains runs very deep.

I hope you enjoy the viewing as much as I enjoyed the finding.